life is about discovering
life is freedom
life is experience
life is giving and losing
life is about making mistake and learn
life is to see, to feel,
life is to inspire

nature is amazing,
nature seems to work by itself
nature is humble,
nature is “god”,
sometimes nature is unforgivingly cruel,
but shit happens.

power, beauty, money, what are those?
why do people seek power?
why do some people given so much power?

anyways, things will usually resolve itself
because of life
because of nature
because of god

imagine the smartphone you hold…

imagine you write the best poet or script

imagine you play the ultimate tunes

imagine you took the best photograph that happened once in a lifetime

imagine you record the most beautiful voice

imagine you draw the most beautiful drawings

imagine you made the best film

imagine all of them are already treasured inside your smartphone

Our mind, body and soul — and their magic of healing.

I remember my (ex) Japanese girlfriend told me about AI OTSUKA, and telling me that her song has the power of “healing”. This was many years ago around my college time. …

Sometimes in a person’s life, I think we will come into this realization...

You made a mistake in life: maybe wrong career choice, maybe you did something stupid in your romantic love stories, maybe at some point you hurt someone’s feeling.

Sorry no sorry. So you are not the successful…

I want to be angry because of lockdown and pandemic and all kind of things media & news & authority tells you what you can and cannot do, every single day. But it’s getting pretty tiring… so I tried to write a few positive things.

I still feel quite afraid…

How do you belief and trust something in the first place?

Human brain is an interesting piece of machine. As much as our brain can be really smart, we also happily like to be stupid, time to time again. I am not talking any specific stupidity, but admit it in…

At some in time, I think every person individual will look at him or her or their self in the mirror, and see… is this person a good person? A successful person? A good son and husband?

I am writing this while watching this NETFLIX documentary on photographer “Platon”, of…

… I don’t need to worry about:

  • covid 19 stupid pandemic and having to live in a lockdown
  • having to study and work really hard to earn a bit of money
  • wife nagging, angry and complaining every day
  • earth and global warming
  • people around you suffering and dying of pandemic
  • anxiety of being myself
  • hatred from people
  • things breaking aparts
  • experiencing racism and bullying from random people on the street

I don’t think this world is perfect. However, it’s strange because every now then again I forgot about all my worries. I could enjoy music, nature, art, beauty of details in nature. Sometimes you can love and feel loved.

Friends and Family, work mates, and online friends etc.

During years of pandemic, I read a lot of posts from friends who lost their families or relatives. Friends of friends suddenly died of the virus.

It’s crazy to think how small our community in a short life actually is. Maybe…

Blender Sushi Guy

Independent CG artist with interest in Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality, iOS, Android, and all kind of tech experiments. Also the author of Blender Sushi.

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