Gods, Humans, PlantsAnimals, Robots, Aliens …?

Tree and Networks of Life

I learn about religion early in my childhood from school and church. I can say I am or used to be a believer and so I like the idea of “God”, some kind of bigger entity, the creator bigger than us. It makes us a bit more humble.
For some people, God or Gods probably do not exist, but they do believe in power of nature, math also science (which we can see and understand using our brain).

Gods / Science or Nature, are they good or bad? We probably can’t answer that question, because our brain can’t understand Gods. At this point during pandemic, I think a Virus is a God like evil Alien entity. We can’t see them, they can kill us (or make us stronger?).

At this point in time, we often like to talk about AI / Artificial Intelligence, Machine with the ability to think, which we often think as ROBOTS. But what makes ROBOTS interesting is its ability to take a lot of data, process and calculate big data, and so on. The “intelligence” of ROBOTS or machines is fascinating. I mean, we could already “talk” to our gadgets, via Siri digital assistant. It can sort photos and add reminder, set alarm, read message, translate language, do tasks and many other things via Shortcuts.

Right now, Robots are probably not as smart as Animals or your pet dogs or cats. It’s not particularly creative or can show empathy, robots are mostly programmed to do something. We can sometimes think robots as “friends” or “partners”, helper or sometimes also “slave”. Just do your job while connected to electricity. Do your video and 3D rendering, non stop.

Robots aside, we actually have some kind of strange living intelligent: world wide web, aka the INTERNET. Is the Internet stupid or smart? Well it depends on the collective data. It’s more like a huge giant libraries of everything humans can do, and it keeps on growing everyday and sometimes got erased or censored, but INTERNET including all human beings hooking their brain and typing their thought, uploading photos, videos, 3D files, etc INTERNET can be as dirty as garbage, but also can be a treasure. Whatever lies on Internet whether it is conspiracy theories, human imaginations, truth or facts, reality or just fictions, all in one INTERNET is one big giant brain which also can contain “virus”.

Probably Internet has too much data, which is why we “Google Search”. But even Google Search these days are not always reliable. It can’t really sort out good and bad data. What is right or wrong? Everything seems to be filtered by some kind of entity. One day, Internet can disappear suddenly and perhaps HISTORY can be erased and rewritten.

Humans, what does it mean to be humans today? It’s weird as much as each one of us feels unique and want to be individual, apparently we really can’t do much when under system and within society. Humans tend to be in groups and then humans, although each one think they are doing something to the society, humans are naturally selfish and greedy.

Being Humans, we are living and juggling everything. I mean we think that we need to care our Nature, Animals, Plants (as a task from God?), care and think of other humans being (that we care about), and plus we also build this automations, government system and robots that supposedly help us to live better. But sometimes again like even governments can be quite corrupt and unhelpful. They even make surveillance and polices to watch our behaviour if we are not doing the right thing (as citizen being watched by government).

We need (or try) to keep everything in balance, philosophically speaking. We just have to keep everything right so that our future generations (more humans) can live better than us.

Probably this is not always true, as we try keep using resources, but I don’t think all people share resources with others. Some people are again: greedy or a bit protective and don’t care about others.

Humans are actually curious by nature and love to tinker and experiment with things. I think this VIRUS ALIEN BEING is really a mistake or a glitch that no one wants to be responsible for. We know COMPUTER VIRUS, some kind of program that can do bad things, and it multiplies like crazy, making computer slow, making random popups, etc. We also know COMPUTER HACKS, how we like to tinker and find hole in the system, hacking things can be a fun challenge.

We, each one of us, within our own bodies, with our mind and soul, are quite a machinary in itself. Our body is also an island, place that can be contaminated with a lot of things. From cigarettes, alcohol, bad food, good food, etc. We know how it feels to be healthy. It’s a good feeling. Some people might not be 100% healthy all the time. Some born pretty sick, some are sick in their mind, some have mental issues, some have dementia in brain, all kind of “flaws” in the machine.

Human being is not always equal. Some humans think they are superior, some humans think they are inferior. Some are more intelligent, some more artistic, some are strongers, some are weaks, some are more “beautiful”, some might look uninteresting, some talls, some short, etc, etc. Humans are basically diverse. Not as diverse as bugs or insects, not as crazy as viruses that can mutate like crazy code. But humans are actually pretty diverse, even under the same skin color, human varies.

What crazy is that some humans are RICHER and some are POORER, living in this same world, same nature. Some actually have more ACCESS and PRIVILEGE, compared to others. Some need to work really hard to get into something, some can just flash their credit card and gets anything they want.

So … what makes all this relevant to talk about: LIFE. Life is a strange thing, precious yes, but sometimes also has no meaning.

When things come to LIFE or DEATH situation, when FOREST OF THE WORLD disappearing, or when ANIMALS nearly EXTINCT, we suddenly feel worry.

With PANDEMIC thing going on, I can see most people are worry about things. I think the way we handle things “together” as a country, as the world, has been pretty messy. I am not world leader, but I think world leaders don’t know how to handle pandemic. The people are automatically doing it. Whether we are starting to act more like robots, which is “the right thing” for now, follow orders, wear a mask, stay home, maintain distance, and so on. We are pretty much now living like robots. We don’t even socialize anymore thanks to our fear of virus, we are alienizing ourself. Which is… truly bizarre.

Some humans decided to run into nature, away from the city and its craziness of “lockdown”.

I could continue writing, but I guess I will continue in the next article. There is just so much things happening right now and my brain trying to keep its sanity. At this point, do people (living in the city) meditate and talk to their God in their solitary (praying for help and miracle), or find comfort from animals like pets, cats, while locking themselves inside house? There are probably a lot of lonely people out there wanting to scream or cry, perhaps trying to find comfort from another online entity (as long as the Internet is still working of course). Sometimes random tweet, comments on video, or your Instagram or TikTok might give special comfort for our brain. It’s also quite strange.

If you have family on the other side of the world, or actually in a different place that you can’t visit right now thanks to the lockdown, being able to listen to their voice, or text chat message or video Facetime call seems like the best thing ever. Sometimes.

The weird thing about my life as human being stuck in the city right now: unable to actually find other person and socialize. The only social life is talking to cafe barista, ordering takeaway, maybe greetings the delivery man. It’s insanity. And the only reason we can live today is by sourcing foods from supermarkets, providing we still have water and electricity, and paying with money we make doing jobs via machine.

Anyway life is weird, and my consciousness keep switching its settings to feel like God, Animals, Robots, or Alien (Virus) or as Humans. Hopefully we all survive this madness, hopefully at this point, you are not feel imprisoned or abandoned (homeless).

Independent CG artist with interest in Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality, iOS, Android, and all kind of tech experiments. Also the author of Blender Sushi.