The Toxic Mercury of COVID19 NEW WORLD

Life is really blurry right now

We live in time where people believe that breathing fresh air outdoor without mask is much “worst” than breathing cigarettes or vapes or pollution from cars. I think that’s border line insanity.

Covid19 NEW ORDER of Life has become so toxic like a bad marriage life. Lockdown is not the answer and controls won’t last — before people explode. I think FLOW is much better.

Positive flow of ideas, thinking, allowing people to expand into areas outside of city. Develop the empty lands, plant more trees, allow fresh water to flow the lands. Reduce mining, industrial life. Let people do farming again.

I am born a city person and computer geek since little. Although I like digital life and Internet life, I swear I still need 4–6 hours of fresh air. Just walk is a good thing. Maybe we should live 24/7, open supermarket at night, make life less strict. Not the opposite.

Social Life during pandemic has been pretty sucks. I used to really enjoy libraries and museums. Australia enjoys its time of “covid free” between 2020–2021, and it was pretty weird still. Libraries are no longer having physical journals. Museums seem to be for exclusives, ticket price has skyrocket.

My last run away places is NATURE. I went for a nice bushwalking up north in Sydney, and it was really amazing. We still have some green trees and birds and water around this city. Australia is a lucky place and this kind of nature life needs preservation.

I was watching documentary about BALI ISLAND the other day: life before tourism boom and life during pandemic. Bali is no longer self sustainable, maybe too many people not enough resources? Not sure.

But I guess the pandemic opens up people’s eyes and minds and I watch a lot of YouTube and all the YouTubers that travel the world during pandemic. City life and Nature life. Both needs to be balance.

I hope that everyone reading this never lost their hope and always seek for nature and fresh air. Let the air and energy flow around your body.

I have my believe that our body can handle virus with or without vaccine. Let it flow.

Independent CG artist with interest in Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality, iOS, Android, and all kind of tech experiments. Also the author of Blender Sushi.